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Royer R-10 Ribbon Microphone Sweetwater.

The R-101 incorporates Royer’s patented offset-ribbon technology and a low mass, 2.5-micron aluminum 99.9% pure ribbon element. The ribbon transducer’s flux-frame and rare earth Neodymium magnets create a powerful magnetic field which increases sensitivity while reducing stray magnetic radiation. Incredible Value in a Royer Ribbon Mic. At Sweetwater, when we want the sweet, silky sound of a ribbon mic, we'll likely reach for a Royer. We've come to rely on the company for high-fidelity ribbon mics that stand up to daily deployment in a variety of critical recording studio and live sound applications, and they've nailed it again with the R-10. 10/01/41 · Royer R10 or 121? Hi all, I know this topic has been discussed a little already and I've already read those threads, but as the R10 has been out for a little while now I thought it worth reviving the discussion. I'm considering finally investing in a Royer and am torn between going for the R10 or the 121. 05/03/39 · Royer R10 - any reviews?. For guitar cab you want the Royer 121 details lush transients and more mid highs than the coles. If you are getting the first pair, either will work in either task. The coles is the coolest sounding and the least versatile. Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community! Registration benefits include. The Royer Labs R-10 is a versatile microphone, ideally suited for many critical applications both in the studio and on live stages. Its 3-layer windscreen system and shock mounted transducer assembly greatly increase the R-10’s ability to handle shocks and plosives. Combining this with.

Royer’s R-series ribbon mics are known around the world for their warm, natural sound, exceptional midrange response and extreme toughness. Used on everything from electric guitars and trumpets to cellos and woodwinds, Royer R-series ribbon microphones are lifetime warranted and can handle SPL’s like ribbon mics never could before. Royer Labs are an American company who were in at the start of what we might call the 'modern rediscovery' of studio ribbon microphones. David Royer brought his first production ribbon mic, the R121, to market in 1998 and followed its success with the SF12 stereo version. 27/09/39 · Royer sent me a pair of R-10s for this review, which I used on the road as well as in the studio. The first thing I noticed about the R-10 is its heft: This is a solid microphone that feels like it was built to last. Its appearance varies a bit from other Royer mics in that it is a bit fatter and lacks the “fins” present on the other models. 02/05/39 · I have the Royer R10 ~$500 USD going into a Cloudlifter CL-1 ~$150 USD going into a PreSonus TubePre V2 ~$130 going into a Focurite Scarlett 2i2 ~$150 USD. All coming in under $1,000 together, this is a home recording setup worth considering if you feel the need to get an accurate reproduction of your upright via mic. With a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing design, the R10 is easy to mount and position. It's got a beautiful smooth ribbon sound that rolls off any possible harshness on acoustic guitars, cabs especially with a full-on distorted sound and coupled with a dynamic and cymbals through overheads.

The Royer R-10's maximum SPL rating measured at 1kHz is an impressive 160dB. In practical terms, that means you can place your R-10 directly in front of a dimed robo-stack without microphone distortion or damaging the ribbon. We don't recommend trying this with other ribbon mics, but the Royer R-10. I tested the Royer dBooster mostly with gentle spoken voice into a Royer R10 placed about nine inches away, feeding a GML 8304 preamp. During my tests I adjusted the gain of the GML to compensate for the presence of the dBooster in each of its two gain settings, and then fine-tuned the gain matching in the DAW as the GML switches gain in 5dB.

Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul loaded with Seymour Duncan SH-1n and SH-5 Humbuckers Diamondhead Multistage DistortionBoost Pedal PowerStage 700 - seymourduncan.c. Morgan SW22R Head 1x12 Open Back Morgan Cabinet loaded with Celestion G12H-75 Creamback Speaker Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone Royer R10 Ribbon Microphone UA Apollo Twin. The Royer R-10 delivers a beautifully balanced sound field with a flat frequency response and an impressive maximum SPL of 160dB at 1kHz, so you can close-mic loud sources without fear of overload. The R-10 is the choice for electric and acoustic guitars,. Royer Labs is dedicated to the art of the ribbon microphone. In 1998 we introduced the R-121, the modern ribbon mic that reintroduced ribbon microphones. Royer spotted the opportunity to target this middle ground when it released the black-bodied R-101. It was still a bit of cash at over $1000, but it was the most affordable way to capture sounds with Royer’s patented R-series offset ribbon transducer. At around $850, the brand new R-10.

The Royer R-10 Ribbon Microphone is Royer's latest addition to their ribbon mic family. The R10 is an affordable passive ribbon mic designed for studio and live recordings and performances. Best prices and stock and online finance deals available. The R–10 is built around Royer's typical R–series 2.5 µm, aluminum ribbon element. A key to Royer's precision manufacturing is the use of patented ribbon-corrugation machines that they custom-designed. I've seen these impressive beasts in action, and it's fascinating. This amazing little mic has a seriously huge tone. We bought this Royer R10 at the request of a studio client to be used on a session. It was used on guitar, sax and trumpet with stellar results. By far the best ribbon mic for this kind of money. It works perfect and looks new. no issues. Royer only released a total of seven ribbon mics over the past decade, and most of those were variations on the R-121 and SF-12 themes passive and phantom-powered, mono and stereo, solid state and tube-based, so the not previously announced release of the R-101 was an exciting surprise. Royer Laboratories in Burbank, California, was founded by David Royer and Rick Perotta in order to bring Royer's ribbon-microphone designs to the pro‑audio marketplace. Royer has always been an enthusiast when it comes to ribbon microphones and his knowledge and understanding of the classic designs from the first half of last century is.

Microphones - Royer Labs.

Royer R10 Ribbon Microphone Its compact size and mounting configuration allows for flexible placement with mini- mum intrusion. The R-10 exhibits a flat frequency response and a well-balanced soundfield, while at the same time handling sound pressure levels of up to 160 dB @ 1 kHz. Get the best deals on Royer Pro Audio Microphones & Wireless Systems when you shop the largest online selection at. Free shipping on many items. Royer R10 Ribbon Microphone. $499.00 New. Royer Labs R-122 MKII Phantom Powered Mono Ribbon Microphone. $1,599.00 Used. 14/11/39 · Royer Labs' R-10 microphone answers the need for a high quality yet lower priced ribbon microphone that is compact, rugged and able to survive real-world sound pressure levels up to 160dB measured at 1kHz. The design goals of the R-10 include the freedom to place it on high SPL instruments in the studio and on live stages and enjoy the smooth.

The Royer R-121 is a radically redesigned ribbon microphone and Royer's flagship product. Like most ribbons, the Royer R-121's pattern is figure 8, its sensitivity is roughly equal to a good dynamic mic, and it exhibits a warm, realistic tone and flat frequency response. 01/07/27 · Now I would love to own a Royer as it is a third generation modern ribbon microphone and really sounds nothing like the earlier second-generation Beyer 160/130 series or the original RCA 44/77 or Coles British ribbon. I wonder if Royer makes any microphones in pink? Ms. Remy Ann David. The Royer R-10 is a passive mono ribbon microphone designed for use in the studio and on live stages Its compact size and mounting configuration allows for flexible placement with minimum intrusion. Hand-built in our Burbank California factory, the R-10's sound and performance are all-Royer and it handles SPLs of up to 160 dB @ 1 kHz. I was just curious when you reach for a Ribbon mic? I have the cheaper Royer R10 I just recently purchased to use with an amp/electric guitar. I have really liked it on this source. I was just messing around with it since it was plugged in and on acoustic guitar it was cool to, not as crisp? as the Mojave I have etc but certainly a good sound.

21/03/40 · In 2013, Royer Labs was awarded a prestigious Technical Grammy Award for our contribution to the advancement of the recording field and making the ribbon microphone relevant again. In their award statement, the Recording Academy noted that our ribbon microphones brought an analog sound, feel and musicality back to the recording process that had.

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